What are the Struggles of Reciting Qur’an On Daily Basis

Observing our daily life, we realize how the days are being spent between daily tasks which have to be done. Like drinking water eating, sleeping, exercising, reciting Quran and dhikr. This is the list of our daily tasks. Sometimes we skip or switch between them even we know how much this is important to us.

Managing it with our daily routine,

getting into the mood for recitation, or prioritization issues are among the various struggles most of us face. The obstacles are always there. Some are genuine, others are imagined. But, are there issues that one cannot overcome? I had this question popping up in my mind, so, I decided to look around and ask my friends and family.

By observing the struggle, we know we all struggle in our way no one is perfect. Now we are going to discuss a task in which many of us struggle in their daily life that is Reciting the Quran daily. It can be difficult to stay away from everything and reciting the Quran with full peace of mind. Doing it in daily routines reciting it with a full heart is the main struggle we face the most due to other tasks and certain timings. Many of the struggles are genuine and cannot be ignored while some are which are imagined by us only. But are these issues can’t be overcome? I had this question so I asked it from many of my friends and seek their answers.

I have asked a question

“What is your Quran recitation habit?” from a friend and her answer was:
I used to recite Quran daily but now struggling cause I have kids, a husband and whole family, I have to do daily routine work like cooking, washing their clothes and other stuff like cleaning the house and managing the whole family. She wants to recite the Quran and also wants her children to listen to it while growing. She says she is unable to start it again because a family is dependent on her.

By talking to many people I’ve come to the conclusion that

reciting Quran daily is not that difficult. It is the Shaytaan which keeps us away from it. We should focus on reciting, it will be difficult at the start but after that, it will become a habit and a person will always be connected to Allah. Most of the people found the time as after Fajar is a good time and some of them said that one rukū can be read with every prayer. it is the Shaytaan who creates a problem in our mind not the routine and should definitely try to overcome it.

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  1. You made some good points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most individuals will go along with with your blog.

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