Online Quran teaching

Online Quran Teaching: The Need of Time

Online Quran teaching has become unavoidable due to the recent changes in the world. It promises those ultimate advantages which you cannot enjoy with the conventional teaching system.  For this reason, many developed societies had already adopted online Quran teaching system and the rest have included it after the recent pandemic of Covid-19. After experiencing the supreme benefits of this learning system, it is going to be the prevailing system of education throughout the world. Some significant features of the online Quran teaching are elaborated here.

Comfortable and Flexible Timing In Online Quran Teaching

The online Quran services provide different choices to you which, in contrast, are not available in conventional methods of Quran teaching. With the advancement of today’s technology, you can get all which you dream and deserve. If some parents think that their kids have higher comfort level with female tutors, they can go for female tutors via online Quran teaching. Moreover, you can also make selections regarding timing, program of study, tutors qualification, tutors ethnicity (for example the demand of Egyptian tutors is very high), and even sometimes you have options regarding online software to be used for online Quran learning. So to opt for online Quran reading means to enhance your comfort level.

Interactive Style In Online Quran Reading

The real spirit of online Quran teaching lies in its interactive style of teaching. The online classes are arranged one to one. In this way, it is very convenient to assess the weak and strong points of the students. The teachers can fill the gaps far easier in the online Quran teaching. It saves the time of both: the student and the teacher. The students have maximum participation in the online classes. One very significant aspect of such classes is that the assessment activities go parallel with the teaching and learning activities.

No Age or Gender Limitation in Online Quran Teaching

This seems to be the most significant aspect of the online Quran teaching services. Islam teaches us to continue obtaining knowledge till the end of our lives. The conventional class rooms are designed for a specific age group. The older people cannot sit in such class rooms or typical “madarassas” to learn Quran. Sometimes there is a gender limitation to attend such classrooms. But on the other hand, the online Quran teaching is an equal opportunity for all age groups and all genders.

Parents’ Control

The safety and security of the children is the utmost priority of all the parents. It makes the online teaching the No. 1 choice for the parents. It ensures the safety and the security of the students against physical and social illness. This fact has proven its worth most clearly in the most recent pandemic of Covid-19 attacks. Children remain under the protective shield of their own homes and still gain the Quran teaching services even more proficiently. The parents can keep an eye on the online class and can give feedback to the tutors to improve the quality of the teaching techniques.

Customized Schedule and Syllabus

As aforementioned, the online Quran teaching is flexible in nature. Here you find no hard and fast rules of schedules for learning. This is you who define the schedule and syllabus. It is quite easy to fit the online classes in your busy routine life. In online Quran teaching, syllabus means the selection out of various choices that you want to learn. These choices may include Dua Memorization, Nazra, Hifz, Tajweed, Hadith Course and some others. You don’t need to go through the pre defined lengthy courses. You just pick the exact one you want to learn, and your online tutor will be there to assist you.

Affordable Pricing

Online Quran teaching is a cost effective idea. You save the cost and time of traveling to reach the Quran learning centers of Madarassa. The online Quran academies offer various learning plans with different pricing. You can opt for the one which suits you best. In other words, online Quran teaching helps you remain concise and precise within affordable financial limits. The busy routine life in the West makes it almost impossible to manage time and budget to go somewhere for Quran learning.

Convenient Way of Learning

A computer or laptop screen in front of you has more to offer than an educational board in the class room. The online tutors can easily make the learners understand the lesson by using different features of the online classroom software. These features include highlighting, repetition, recording, pointing on the screen, and many others. The rules of Tajweed, specifically, become far easier to comprehend using these features. The online system is equally beneficial for the parents to give their feedback to the tutors. Many online classroom software have the feedback option which the parents can use to record their opinion regarding the tutors, the teaching techniques, and the teaching stuff.

Technology Effects

The online teaching is an idea of advanced technology. In the modern age, the new generation has much attraction to the IT world. For this reason, online Quran teaching makes it easier for the tutors to make the Quran learners comprehend efficiently. The virtual classroom with personal attention is definitely more effective as compared to the regular classroom where only one teacher has to manage and control the whole class at a time. The efficient learning accompanied by the comfortable and secure environment of home is certainly an aspiration of all the parents.

Far More Choices As Compared To Conventional Teaching

Once you make your mind for online Quran teaching, you will come across hundreds of different choices. Giving consideration to the quality of services, qualification of tutors, pricing and other factors, you have to go for selection. After a small amount of work, you can choose a Quran teaching academy which suits best to your learning needs. This does not happen in the regular method of Quran teaching. In that case, you have to avail the nearest services so that you can save extra time and money. Then, definitely, you have to compromise on your wants and needs.