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Quran Recitation Course

At Quran Tutor 24/7, we offer Quran Recitation course with our best certified (with Ijaza) teachers. In this course, starting from pronunciation of Quranic Alphabets we teach how to recite Quran with proper basic rules.

Quran Tajweed Course

In Quran Tutor 24/7, our teachers teach how to recite Quran with its proper rules of Tajweed. One can learn the articulation points of the Quran Arabic letters, basic Tajweed and Tarteel (combining theory and practice) and the rules of all three Saakinahs (Noon, Meem, Lam). Our Qaris and Qariyas introduce terms in Arabic and then translated into English for better understanding.

Dua Memorization Course

Our team have designed this special course for you to learn and understand daily life duas. Dua like masnoon duas are taught here. You can also

memorize them with us. Also, we offer students to understand and memorize the Surahs which you can recite on daily basis.

Quran Revision Course

This course is for the Hafiz and Hafiza’s who can join and revise their manzil.

Arabic Grammer Course

This course is especially for beginners who have never been

encountered with “Arabic Language”. Our teachers teach the basic Arabic rules in the possible simplest way. Arabic Grammer course will help the students to start the Quran from very basics and will help them to understand the verses correctly.

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