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Quran Recitation

We offer Quran Recitation with our best certified (with Ijaza) Ustaad and Ustadah. Our Quran recitation program can be customized as per your requirement. In this course…

Quran Tajweed

We offer how-to recite Quran with its proper Tajweed rules. One can learn the articulation points of the Quran Arabic letters, basic Tajweed and Tarteel  …

Dua Memorization

we have designed an individual memorization course for Masnoon Dua and Adhkars. We also you reference keys for Dua’s and Surah’s memorization so the student can learn faster and..

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Qur’an Tutor is set up originally to spread the Light of Qur’an among the people with the comfort of their home. The vision is to provide such Online Islamic Environment that can Educate people with true learning and understanding of Qur’an along with Quran Tajweed, Arabic Grammar and Dua Memorization. The Focus is to provide services to those people who live in Western Countries or Non-Muslim States where it’s difficult to reach the Mosque or Islamic Centre Daily for the Learning of Qur’an. Our services are especially for Women and Children who want to learn Qur’an but cannot approach a physical place on daily basis. Our Online Qur’an Learning service is just the right choice for them.

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